January 30, 2009

Can Lebedev Rescue the Standard?

I know, more of the same... but I really can't get enough of this story! Rather than continuing to post every few days, here are the main articles so far:

BBC News Ex-KGB spy in bid to buy UK paper 15 January 2009
BBC News Ex-KGB spy buys UK paper for £1 21 January 2009
BBC News Profile: Alexander Lebedev 21 January 2009
New York Times To Fleet Street by Way of the K.G.B. 24 January 2009
The Telegraph Alexander Lebedev sets himself three years to raise Evening Standard 25 January 2009
The Times Evening Standard ‘has three years to survive’ 26 January 2009
The Guardian Evgeny Lebedev reveals plans for London Evening Standard 27 January 2009
Asia Times Online Oligarchs turn to (almost) free press 30 January 2009

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