June 19, 2013

CD cover for radio play

One Modesty fan designed this great CD cover for the recent BBC radio play of A Taste for Death. Download and enjoy!


Bob said...

We never did get your opinion on the radio play?

Modesty Blaise said...

I thought it was pretty good given that it had to be 5 x 15 minute episodes... a lot was cut out, but for that length, a lot HAD to be cut out; I think the writer did a good job of distilling it down. My only complaint is that I found Modesty's accent to be too English. Given that she had spent the majority of her life in Europe and North Africa, and only came to England at age 26, Modesty would have a very mixed accent. Mind you, I also found that in the novels, Modesty would also come out with some English-isms that would be unlikely for a 'foreigner', no matter how adept they are at languages.

What did you think?

Bob said...

Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed the radio play, even though they obviously had to condense the material. Hopefully, they might decide to do more of the plays. I did enjoy the music and felt it fit the characters.

Finally, you just have to support any project featuring M B.

Tony Walker - an Englishman in Arizona said...

Modesty Blaise book covers

As a Modesty fan of many years standing, I have all the books, including all the UK Pan paperbacks. Am I alone in thinking that these are probably the worst-designed covers of all time?

The books themselves are great, and have stood the test of time, but those Pan covers - yuck!

Modesty Blaise said...

LOL - no, you are not! It seems cruelly unfair that such fantastic books had such terrible covers for a while; I'm so glad that the Souvenir Press reprints use the original covers! SO much better.