June 5, 2009

Modesty Blaise Compilation CD

I happened to stumble across this... a compilation CD, to be released this July, entitled 'Modesty Blaise vol. 1: Cheesy Pop for the Connoisseur'

No indication of how it relates to Modesty Blaise -- possibly just that the music is from that era, and/or that the 'cheesy' refers to the 1966 movie! Too bad the graphic isn't of Modesty (is that Twiggy?)

From the CD information:
Killer Mod/freak beat pounding compilation with 14 dance floor tracks from the ’60s. Includes Chris Farlowe's Air Travel, VIPs Straight Down To The Bottom, Eyes of Blue's Don't ask me to Mend Your Broken Heart, Plastic Penny's Your Way To Feel Me Go and many more hundred dollar tracks...

The first seven tracks of this super ‘60s comp are Mod and R&B movers and the remaining seven are out and out freak beat pounders.

1. Erma Franklin - I Don’t Want No Mamas Boy
2. Dusty Wilson - Can’t Do Without You
3. Varetta Dillard - That’s Why I Cry
4. Larry Trider - Carbon Copy
5. Malcolm Hayes - Searchin’ For My Baby
6. Esnew Reader - Undivided Love
7. Azie Mortimer - Put Yourself In My Place
8. Chris Farlowe - Air Travel (Special Version)
9. Eyes Of Blue - Don’t Ask Me to Mend Your Broken Heart
10. VIP’s - Straight Down To The Bottom
11. Howard Carpendale - Du Hast Mich
12. Trubadurzy - Osiewcsyna I Pejsas
13. Snappers – Upside Down Inside Out
14. Plastic Penny – Your Way To Tell me go