December 28, 2009

Virginia Vee Scopitone

There is a Scopitone movie on YouTube of Virginia Vee singing the theme song to the 1966 Modesty Blaise movie.

From ‘The Scopitone was a "Film Jukebox" invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts!) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it.’

I’d love to find out who created and directed this Scopitone – parts of it are very 1960s, and other parts look quite modern (especially the graffiti background).

There are many more Scopitones up on YouTube if you want to check them out!

December 21, 2009

David Salle's 'Modesty' Painting

A painting by artist David Salle, 'With All Due Respect Sir, We Need Modesty Blaise', recently sold for a cool $320K. You can read about it here,

and see a close-up of the painting here.

Can't help wondering who 'sir' is... if anyone knows the background story of this painting, please do post!