August 30, 2011

Modesty cover used for Mickey Spillane novel

Back in the days when paperbacks were considered pulp, cover art was often re-used for other books. Here's the beautiful Robert McGinnis cover art for Sabre-Tooth used for a German edition of a Mickey Spillane novel:

And here's the Sabre-Tooth cover:

If you're a fan of Robert McGinnis, I highly recommend The Paperback Covers of Robert-McGinnis, a gorgeous book with hundreds of colour images of McGinnis' work.

August 22, 2011

Agent X9

Agent X9 continues to turn out amazing covers. It looks like they've restarted the series, with 'Gabriel's Diamond'.

Name that cover artist, if you can!

August 10, 2011

More AgentX9 Covers by Loopy Dave

Two more great covers by Loopy Dave... thanks to Ken for sending these.
You can view more of Loopy Dave's work here.

August 9, 2011

Humphrey Bogart reads Modesty

Still playing catch-up on items sent to me over a year ago... this one is a real gem!
This Norwegian magazine features Humphrey Bogart on the cover, reading a Modesty Blaise book (you can click on the image to see the larger version)

About the magazine: "It is a magazine, sort of an intellectual journal, that has been around for a long while, is issued 6 times a year, and which prints articles dealing with politics, literature and social questions. This particular issue is #2 of 1993, so that would be sometime during the spring of that year."
Thanks to La Belle Sauvage for this!

Agent X9 Cover by Loopy Dave

Another new cover for AgentX9 comic by artist LoopyDave, for The Warlords of Phoenix:
You can read his original post here.

Next Titan Reprint Announced

First up, a quick apology to everyone who's sent me material that has not yet made its way to the blog or website - I've been busy publishing some books of my own, which means my usually long lag-time for the Modesty site has gone from bad to even worse. But I'll attempt to make up for it over the coming months!

Good news: Titan continues to reprint the Modesty Blaise strips. Million Dollar Game is out this month, and Live Bait is scheduled for February 2012.


With Live Bait, we've come full circle, as the Manuscript Press omnibus of a number of years ago was also called Live Bait. According to the Wikipedia article, the stories included will be Samantha and the Cherub, Milord, and of course Live Bait.
The next story after LB is The Girl from the Future. I think we can safely assume what the title of Volume 22 will be!
Meanwhile, the Million Dollar Game sees the start of reprints from the second Romero era..

thanks to AFH for the info!