October 27, 2014

Modesty Blaise in Tamil Comics

After a two-year hiatus, Modesty Blaise is coming back to Tamil Comics.

The publisher, Muthu Comics, has made an official announcement on their website (of course, you have to be fluent in Tamil to read it).

The title on the cover below (Maranathin Mutham) can be loosely translated as Kiss of Death.

thanks to King Viswa for the update!

July 31, 2014

The Seekers.... They sought to copy!

Hi everyone, I'm sharing this email from one of the Modesty Blaise fan group members as this is a fascinating bit of trivia: a comic strip called "The Seekers" that was clearly a Modesty Blaise rip-off. Read on...

"Another interesting hit on Google. This may be old news, but as I¹ve never seen this magazine mentioned here before, I thought I¹d bring it to the gang¹s attention. From 1971 to sometime around 1978 it seems there was something called the Menomonee Falls Gazette which was a weekly tabloid that reprinted comic strips from various sources. If you check out the cover scan gallery at Comic Vine you¹ll see some issues featured Modesty Blaise. Unfortunately there appears to be no index of the issues at Comic Vine. Now, while scanning the gallery I spotted this:
It's a reprint of a UK comic strip called The Seekers. Does the art look familiar? It definitely jumped out at me! That led me to WikipediaApparently, The Seekers was a UK strip that John M Burns, one of the MB artists, drew. And according to that article, it bears a few similarities to MB. Anyone ever see this one?
There's a partial online archive of the strip on thrillmer.com.
 I just looked at a few at random and if Peter O¹Donnell didn't share words with somebody about this I¹d be very surprised! I know artists have their own style and so characters often look similar, but still...!

June 2, 2014

Countdown to Modesty: the cast: Willie Garvin

Neil Maskell will play the role of Willie Garvin in the upcoming BBC radio production of Modesty Blaise.

Maskell has appeared in several populist dramas such as 'Casualty' and 'Soldier Soldier'. In 2011, he was nominated as Best Actor by the British Independent Film Awards for his role in the British movie 'Kill List'

You can read more about him on IMDb.


May 30, 2014

Another BBC Radio Play!

Fantastic news... the BBC will be producing another Modesty Blaise radio play, this time based on the first novel.

The play is again adaped by Stef Penney and produced by Kate McAll. Daphne Alexander will reprise the role of Modesty. (full cast list below). The play was recorded in the BBC's Cardiff studios last week, with Daphne in the role of Modesty.  The broadcast is scheduled for the five days of the week of 16 June.

Cast List:
Modesty Blaise - Daphne Alexander
Willie Garvin - Neil Maskell
Paul - John Hollingworth
Nicole - Hannah McPake
McWhirter - Alex Ferns
Sir Gerald - Alun Armstrong
Grant - Matthew Gravelle
Gabriel - Ewan Bailey

March 10, 2014

Modesty Blaise Facebook Page

Hello everyone... Modesty Blaise fans now have a Facebook page... come join us!

This blog is still active, but as the Facebook page makes discussion easier, most of the chat is happening over there.