January 26, 2011

New U.S. source for Modesty Blaise books

Souvenir Press put an end to years of book-hunting agony when they started reprinting the entire Modesty Blaise series back in 1999... however, the earlier titles (especially those with the Holdaway covers) sold out quickly, and collectors had to trawl Ebay and Abebooks again - and pay extortionate prices for new paperbacks!

Independent Publishers Group is now carrying the Souvenir Press paperbacks, and appears to have most of them in stock. (The search box is a little hard to find - it's in the left pane under 'Quick Search'). Their contact information for orders is on their website.

Happy collecting!


January 5, 2011

Agent X9 features Modesty Blaise fan art

Throughout 2011, Agent X9 magazine will feature 13 different artists doing Modesty Blaise fan art; one in each issue. First up is Jimmy Wallin:

There is a brief interview with the artist on the Agent X9 blog.
(You can use Google translator to translate the text from Swedish, although with mixed results: "Initially I had probably planned to do something more Hold Away-smelling") Hm, smells like Jim Holdaway? If you know a better online translator, please do recommend!)

Agent X9 will continue to feature more of these... we will keep you posted!