January 30, 2013

Modesty Blaise Swedish DVD Cover

The 1966 Modesty Blaise film has a brand new cover for the Swedish DVD edition. I'm surprised they even made a DVD of this film, given how most Modesty fans loathe this film!

New Swedish DVD cover - not Monica Vitti!
Back cover of Swedish DVD
More surprising is the fact that the model on the front cover is NOT the actress in the film! Monica Vitti is shown on the back cover, but not the front. This seems to go with the 'misleading' theme, where the covers do make the film look quite good... IMO this is going to lead to many disappointed viewers! I think it would make more sense to stay with the original cover, which is at least somewhat in keeping with the spirit of the film.

Interesting that the English DVD advertizes the film as a "spy spoof" (which the film was not intended to be) and plays up the "comic touches" (many of which also weren't intended). At least it doesn't mislead! - although I'm still surprised this film ever made it to DVD.
Original 1966 film poster

New English DVD cover: "A spy spoof loaded with comic touches"