January 1, 2009

New Modesty Blaise Blog

Hi there everyone

I've created this Modesty Blaise blog as my main Modesy Blaise site (www.modestyblaisebooks.com) had slipped down the search engine rankings - in fact, I think it had fallen off entirely! After playing around with Search Engine Optimization voodoo for a while, it seemed the fastest way to show up on the radar was to enter the blogosphere. This blog will contain all the same info that's on my News page; for those who haven't been to the website yet, there's much more there - hundreds of images of the Modesty Blaise book and comic covers; artwork; other media (including magazines, radio plays, merchandise, music); interviews; info on the MB fan group (and information on how to join is on the links page); etc. You can view the full sitemap here.

I'll be posting all the previous 2009 news to this blog, and from that point forward, both this blog and the News page on the site will be kept equally current.

Feel free to leave comments - hope you enjoy the blog!

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