May 13, 2009

'Ladykillers' Titan Reprint

There's a nice review of the latest Titan reprint, The Ladykillers, at And hopefully more to follow, as it hits the bookstore shelves...
Still no word on what the 'extra' material is, so if you've got a copy, please let me know!



Steve said...

My copy came a couple of days ago and the extras include the usual story introductions by Mr. O'Donnell and an interesting piece by Lawrence Blackmore on some strips which were printed only in the Glasgow Evening Citizen, and an explanation for why that happened.

Interesting reading.

Modesty Blaise said...

Great, thanks for sharing that! ... so are the Glasgow Evening Citizen ones included in the Titan reprints?

Steve said...

Yes, the "missing" strips are included. I didn't check all of them but two of them were from "The Mind of Mrs. Drake". I have a First American Edition copy of that so I looked and the missing strips are really missing. They're listed with the letter "A" at the end of the strip number so the sequential nature of numbering system remains intact.

It's interesting that I didn't catch the missing strips when reading the stories originally. They do add to the story and in at least one case the missing strip contained information that would have been helpful in understanding the storyline.

Rafiq Raja said...

Looking forward for obtaining a copy of this latest Modesty edition. The extra features and classic strip selection revealed by Steve, only adds to the expectation :)