July 2, 2009

Modesty Blaise Film at BFI Southbank

And we thought it wouldn't be in cinemas again.... the 1966 Modesty Blaise film will be running July 4th and 9th at the BFI Southbank as part of a Joseph Losey series that runs until the end of July. The tribute includes The Assassination of Trotsky, A Doll`s House, Galileo, The Go-Between, King and Country, and The Servant.



ஒலக காமிக்ஸ் ரசிகன் said...

great to know that even now that film is remembered and screened.

personally speaking, it was, well. err. rather.... say not up to the mark.

But good that it is screened after 40+ years.

even in india, many people are getting into nostalgia with one of Our top comics celebrating 25 years of run this july and know what, their 1st issue featured Modesty.

more detais can be had here:http://tamilcomicsulagam.blogspot.com/2009/07/1st-july-1984-birth-of-lion-comics-25.html

Steve said...

That is extremely cool. I don't think I'd watch the movie again if it was on TV, but I would definitely go to a theater to see it on the big screen. It would be great if someone would share their thoughts after seeing it at Southbank.