March 24, 2010

Peter O'Donnell's 90th Birthday

Peter O'Donnell's 90th birthday is this April.

For those who would like to send birthday greetings to him, James Doyle at Souvenir Press has kindly offered to forward on any cards or greetings. The mailing address is:
Souvenir Press
43 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3PD
United Kingdom

Most Modesty fans already know this tale, but here again is the story of how the character of Modesty Blaise came into being:

Thanks again to Peter for the many (continued) years of reading pleasure -  Happy Birthday!

(Apparently in the Romero print above, the 'other' person - besides Modesty Willie, Tarrant and Weng - is Peter O'Donnell.)


Modesty Blaise said...
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Unknown said...

I ma sure the other person though modelled on Peter is the character Fraser who constantly accompanies Tarrant and is the brains behind all the operations.