May 16, 2010

Souvenir Press Reprints

Souvenir Press has confirmed that they will be reprinting the Modesty Blaise novels that are currently sold out. Those who missed them the first time round can now complete their collection with A Taste for Death, I Lucifer, The Impossible Virgin, and The Silver Mistress.

I suspect one reason that these sold out so quickly after the first reprint was the use of the original Holdaway and Boldero covers. Some were changed slightly, howeve; compare the new and older versions of the Taste for Death cover, below.

The reprints should be available in the UK in a few weeks; no word yet on when they'll be available in other countries. Keep checking back!

1 comment:

Paul Bishop said...

Cool! I'll be looking to get my hands on some of these. Thx for the heads-up...