June 21, 2010

Modesty Blaise Comics in Tamil

I've been meaning for some time to add a page to my Modesty Blaise site featuring the Tamil reprints of the comics. However, since seeing King Viswa's blog page about them, I don't think I'll even try, as I couldn't possibly do a better job than this! He details the whole history of the Tamil reprints, and includes graphics of all the covers, excerpts, and an index! Be sure to scroll all the way down - there's lots to see.

Comic World reprinted some of the strips in colour - note Willie's bright blue hair in this excerpt from The Killing Ground!

Thanks to King Viswa for such a comprehensive piece on the Modesty Blaise Tamil comics.



Vedha said...

Dear MB fan,

thanks a lot for featuring one of our own blogs here.

your blog is just awesome.

keep it going.


Vedha said...

just now noticed the hair color of willie garvin.

blue eyed boy is ok, but blue haired boy?!