July 31, 2014

The Seekers.... They sought to copy!

Hi everyone, I'm sharing this email from one of the Modesty Blaise fan group members as this is a fascinating bit of trivia: a comic strip called "The Seekers" that was clearly a Modesty Blaise rip-off. Read on...

"Another interesting hit on Google. This may be old news, but as I¹ve never seen this magazine mentioned here before, I thought I¹d bring it to the gang¹s attention. From 1971 to sometime around 1978 it seems there was something called the Menomonee Falls Gazette which was a weekly tabloid that reprinted comic strips from various sources. If you check out the cover scan gallery at Comic Vine you¹ll see some issues featured Modesty Blaise. Unfortunately there appears to be no index of the issues at Comic Vine. Now, while scanning the gallery I spotted this:
It's a reprint of a UK comic strip called The Seekers. Does the art look familiar? It definitely jumped out at me! That led me to WikipediaApparently, The Seekers was a UK strip that John M Burns, one of the MB artists, drew. And according to that article, it bears a few similarities to MB. Anyone ever see this one?
There's a partial online archive of the strip on thrillmer.com.
 I just looked at a few at random and if Peter O¹Donnell didn't share words with somebody about this I¹d be very surprised! I know artists have their own style and so characters often look similar, but still...!


King Viswa said...

Actually the storylines of the seekers was different.

They were a detective agency which speciluses on finding the mussing people.

I don't know how many stories were there, but 2 stories got translated and published in Tamil language, in South India.

The artist was the same, not storyline.

Robert Moubert said...

I've read 10 Seekers stories so far and I wouldn't go so far as to call the strip a rip-off of Modesty Blaise. Apart from the superficial physical similarities - dark female, fair male - the characters of Susanne Dove and Jacob Benedick are very different from Modesty and Willie. They can both take care of themselves in a fight but neither is anything like as skilled as our favourite duo. They work for a missing persons agency which is the source of their adventures and gives the strip its name. It's an enjoyable enough read but lacks the quality of writing that Peter O'Donnell brought to Modesty Blaise. John Burns' artwork is lovely of course.