April 14, 2009

Interview with John Dankworth in The Jazz Baroness

The BBC is making a documentary film about jazz legend Nica de Koenigswarter, entitled "The Jazz Baroness", which is scheduled for release sometime in 2009. The film features interviews with jazz musicians, artists, music critics, and others. Among the interviewees is John Dankworth, who scored the 1966 Modesty Blaise film.
You can view a clip of the interview at the Jazz Baroness site.

There is also an in-depth interview (2006) with John Dankworth on the subject of his film scores, from the Journal of British Cinema and Television, at Britmovie.co.uk. It is an interesting piece -- previous to Modesty Blaise, Dankworth had worked with Joseph Losey on The Criminal, and his list of film and TV score credits is extensive.


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