March 12, 2009

Direct Hits - Modesty Blaise song

Only a few weeks after stumbling across the Montt Mardie song 'Modesty Blaise', I came across another track I'd never heard of, yet is decades old!

This snippet on The Word Magazine directed me to Modesty Blaise by The Direct Hits. I don't know how I missed this band in their time, given how much I loved mod bands! - but the song is absolutely great. You can read more about the band here, and can also download the track.

From 'The Songs That People Sing' blog:
"Blow Up came out in 1984. It is, like a lot of their material, very 1966 influenced. Groovy pop that leans into the psychedelic. Touchstones would be The Beatles Rubber Soul, The Who A Quick One and The Jam All Mod Cons."

If you give it a listen, I'd love to hear what you think...



Chrissie A said...

Not a bad little song at all! Really does have a '60s feel to it... Added to my iTunes and I'm sure it will get played again. :)

Thanks for posting this!

Modesty Blaise said...

And there are more of their songs downloadable from that site, too! Not that I'm an advocate of non-paid-for music, but it's nice to try before you buy... :)

Holger Haase said...

Will definitely need to check out those songs. Somehow I am getting a groovy feeling at the idea of running to a Modesty Blaise related soundtrack on my Ipod.

Modesty Blaise said... THAT is a GREAT idea! I've put all the Modesty-related music I've come across up on my music page:
I'm sure there are more music references in the books, I've just never had time to go through and find them all.

If you do put that playlist together, can you share it with the rest of us?