March 9, 2009

Modesty Blaise Merchandise Finds

Surfing around, I came across quite a few MB finds on Ebay and iOffer this week...

The Modesty Blaise resin model kit from Japan (sculpted by Joe Simon) has turned up again. I also found this wonderful pillbox from, with the artwork from the Clyde Allison 'Agent 0008 Meets Modesta Blaze' novel. There was also a lovely painting* by artist Todd Maell.

*image posted with permission of the seller


Chrissie A said...

Great stuff! I have the resin kit myself (unpainted so far.)

By the way, I think this blog is a terrific supplement to the website, since I can use Google Reader to see if there's something new. Thanks so much for doing this!

Modesty Blaise said...

Thanks Chrissie, great to hear!