March 5, 2009

Modesty Blaise 1982 TV Pilot

I was surfing around for Modesty-related items and came across this: the only offer I've ever seen for a DVD of the 1982 Modesty Blaise TV Pilot. I don't believe a DVD of it was ever commercially produced (the ad for this came and went on iOffer very quickly) so I'm not sure if it's home burned - likely it is - no company name on the cover.

For those who have never seen the pilot, think Remington Steele (except no Brit characters at all, not even Tarrant!)

There's an overview of all Modesty film and TV productions to date on my website


Steve said...

I'm pretty sure I saw that when it was originally broadcast. Wasn't it loosely based on the first book where Modesty needed to get Willie released from Jail?

I'd love to see it again if anyone knows where a copy could be acquired.

Modesty Blaise said...

It's loosely based on the characters of Modesty and Willie, with Weng and Tarrant in there too... but the plot revolves around an evil scheme to hack into the stock market system with these newfangled things called computers. (It is pretty funny to see a refrigerator-sized computer. Also, when the computer is busy sending its evil info --presumingly over a slow modem line, yet they can see it making its shockwaves in the stock market-- the computer is locked so that no one can stop it, yet no one thinks to just pull the power cord out the wall. LOL.)
When I said Remington Steele, I really wasn't far off! And Willie with an American accent... it's just so wrong...

Holger Haase said...

I agree that this is likely a bootleg release and not an official one.