April 14, 2009

Norwegian Rock Group 'Modesty Blaise'

Yet more Modesty Blaise music...

Most MB fans have heard of the British pop group Modesty Blaise... however, I didn't realize there was a Norwegian rock group by the same name. I haven't been able to find any information on them apart from this brief mention on YouTube:

"MODESTY BLAISE were one of the most successful rock bands of Norway. Take some parts of U2, Roxy Music and Curved Air and mix them with a big part of originality - ready is MODESTY BLAISE. They were very popular in their homeland (TV shows, extensive tours etc.). Their album 'Face Of The Sun' is available on CD (contains two extra tracks), vinyl and cassette."

Given the reference to cassettes, the album must be quite old. If any Norwegian readers out there know more, please let me know!
You can listen to them on YouTube (and I agree, they do sound rather like U2).



Anonymous said...


This band hailed from Sandnes, a town near stavanger in Norway. They made two albums:
Face of the sun -1990
Little white What? -1993
Dispanded around 95.

Another video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa705_zRELo

Greetings from norway

Modesty Blaise said...

Thanks for the info - is the band still together?

Anonymous said...

Modesty Blaise disbanded several years ago. In addition to the two studio albums, a third one was released, containing studio and live rcordings. This album was called "Face Of The Sun II".
Founder and frontman Pete Johansen Is invlved in a wide bunch of bands, Including Sins Of Thy Beloved and Tristania. He is currently fronting his own "Krisepsykiatrioen".